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                                     Looking for a Grant for a new Police Car ?

                                                      Or fire truck ?

                     Or Maybe and Ambulance or Special Service Vehicle ?

            Or how about adding SRO's to your schools or COPS in your neighborhoods?

Grants for these and so may more are available to agencies both large and small.  Need a new Ballistic Vest ? We know a grant program for that.  Need some infrastructure funding?  There are grants for that. Need to update your agency's communications equipment?  We know of several grants for that.  Looking to upgrade your officers sidearms? We know who to see for funding that also.  If you have a need we can find you with a funding source.  Big projects, small projects 1 man departments to 10,000 man departments we will work to find you the funding you seek and aid you in your attempts to secure it.  

We offer;

  • A staff with experience in the public safety field.
  • Knowledge of both Federal and State Grant Programs
  • Services to obtain DUNS and CCR Numbers for your agency
  • Personalized Service


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